Yeohata Machineries Sdn Bhd

YEOHATA MACHINERIES SDN BHD is a leading coil manufacturer and supplier company. Our headquarter is situated at Kampar, Perak, Malaysia. The company specializes in coil machines and materials. We differentiate ourselves by providing the best quality of items alongside competitive prices to fulfill our customer's requirements. Our YEOHATA Series of Coil Making machine is one of the evident of success in own research and development since 1997. Our continuous efforts in R&D improve and upgrade the present machines. The reliability and robustness of these machines have been proven with more than 100 units sold and commissioned for commercial production worldwide. In addition to YEOHATA machines, standard mosquito coils and mats products, we also provide solution and supply mosquito repellent sticks, mosquito coils pre-mix powder, aerosol spray and other insecticide products. Contact us now as our customer service team are happy to help and discuss through your needs.

Auto sealer and shrink Wrap Machine

Auto sealer and shrink Wrap Machine is one of the best packaging solution to help your company cut down the labour cost and increase the process efficiency, adoption of this packaging solution may improve the automation in the manufacturing process and also meet the government requirement on Industry 4.0

Semi-auto weight combination machine: Efficient and Effectiveness

Weight combination machine is a packaging solution on fixed-quantity/fixed-weight portioning product such as fresh meet, vegetable, fruit, seafood and so on. The main processor of machine will auto calculate the suitable weight and activate the conveyor to deliver the product to a bracket. User can easily control the machine in order to improve the efficiency of packing process.

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